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Tukkathyme Puppy Weaning Mash 1.5kg


1.5 kg

Added Slippery Elm and Ground Almonds to our Original recipe and removed the Garlic to assist breeders with the early weaning of puppies.

This mix is finely ground.

Heat one cup of goat's milk (DO NOT BOIL) add half a teaspoon of honey, one egg yolk, some ground meat and one tablespoon of Baby Puppy Weaning Mash and a few drops of Flaxseed oil. Begin with just a taste for each puppy, feed several times per day, then increase the amount according to the breed. Add more meat slowly. By the time the puppies are 7 weeks old they can have the Weaning Mash soaked in hot water/goats milk with meat/cottage cheese and egg.

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Type: Muesli

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