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Tucker Time Tips

November 14, 2020

Tucker Time Tips

Choosing food for your pets can be a bit of a challenge - so many options, so many opinions and so much advertising!

 We, at Pet Naturals, strongly believe that a simple real food diet goes a long way towards optimal health.

Dogs and cats have evolved catching and eating prey. Cats are obligate carnivores, this means they need meat to satisfy their nutritional requirements and require little in the way of carbohydrates. Dogs on the other hand also scavenged from other animals and more recently from humans, leading to adaptations in the gut that allow them to handle small amounts of starch.

 A well thought out raw diet is hard to beat but for those who can't feed raw, there are some quality alternatives. 

Freeze or air dried raw is an excellent choice - easy to use and great for travelling or if you need a back-up when you have forgotten to defrost. 

As far as kibble goes, there are some good brands but here are a few tips:

The first two ingredients (at least) should be meat - not meat by-products either. How was that meat raised? Go for grass-fed, free range, wild caught or sustainably sourced. Avoid any maize, soy, wheat, white rice (brown is ok), colouring and flavorings, just to name a few. Don't forget the quality tinned foods available, a great option for cats, once again follow the same guidelines as the kibble.

There are some fabulous whole food toppers that can be sprinkled over any meal giving a nutritional boost and encouraging even the fussiest of eaters. Adding some bone broth is also a brilliant idea, this adds glucosamine and chondroitin and also hydration to a meal, something to think about as we near summer.

Mealtimes are usually a super exciting part of our pet's day so let's make sure what we are feeding them is not only enjoyable but also promotes optimal health and well being .

Pop into Pet Naturals for a chat and our friendly staff can provide practical advice on natural feeding .

Real food, real taste, real health!



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