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Feeding Well on Budget

September 03, 2022

Feeding Well on Budget

Remember a top quality diet ultimately goes a long way towards a healthy pet, so aim for the best you can do.
*Strategize a meal plan, look for balance over the week as opposed to every meal.
*Look for cheaper cuts and specials.
*Buy in bulk and freeze. Make sure these are proteins that your pet likes!
*Buy the "icky" stuff - Think Chicken/Duck feet, wings, necks, carcasses(backs/frames), giblets, organs (essential, but no more than 10 % of a meal). These may not look pretty, but will offer unique nutrient profiles and add interest to a meal.
*If your dog is ok with fattier meats these can be more energy dense - more bang for your buck, and are often a little cheaper to buy - think Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Duck. Balance these out with Green Tripe, which is budget friendly, lean and full of digestive enzymes and despite the aroma is an absolute favourite with most dogs, so can be fed often.
*Rotate the proteins - aim for at least four different proteins a week this keeps your pet interested in his meals = no wastage.
* Raw meaty bones are an excellent budget friendly addition, and will keep those teeth clean and healthy (raw fed dogs only - see our bone feeding blog)
*Add cooked veggies - buy seasonal specials, especially pumpkins as these will store well. Seconds are usually cheaper and remember the bits you don't eat - ie the broccoli stems etc, cut up, cook up, and freeze in portions for later use.(No more than 20% of the diet and check our blogs for what not to feed).
*Don't forget to add these to a meal on occasion - Eggs, tinned fish in spring water, plain unsweetened yoghurt, kefir, bone broth, goats milk, tukkathyme.
*if you are feeding kibble then go for a top quality brand - you often need to feed less than cheaper brands, as you are not paying for fillers and to be honest your pets health is the true measure. You can still add cooked veggies, egg, bone broth etc to kibble, in fact recent studies have shown a huge reduction in cancers when even small amounts of fresh foods are added to the diet, so overall it really is a win/win situation!

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