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Hello Winter

June 29, 2022

Hello Winter

The winter cold is starting to creep in so here are some tips to keep your pets comfortable.

Dog coats are crucial for some dogs, especially our thin coated dogs (and some cats), those with low body fat and our senior pets. If your pet is shivering, not settling or looking for snug sleeping areas you probably need to provide them with some extra warmth.

A warm, dry bed is an absolute must, away from drafts. Raised beds can also keep your pets off cold tiles, concrete or un-carpeted floors. Something to snuggle into helps conserve body heat and keeps our older pets joints cushioned and comfortable. Remember outdoor pets like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and aviary birds need a dry, warm, draft-proof shelter too!

Monitor weight over winter. If your pet is spending more time indoors and is less active they may not require as many calories. Pets that are out in the elements and are still active may require more food. Keep an eye on body condition and adjust accordingly.

Feed nourishing, high quality, whole foods, to keep the immune system primed and the skin and coat in tip top shape. Warmed bone broth can be an excellent warmer to add to meals. Please don't feed frozen food as this will slow down digestion. For some pets the colder weather can aggravate existing conditions like arthritis, so natural joint supplements such as Green lipped mussels, Doggy Daily and Omega oils may help ease discomfort.

Even though it's nippy outside, exercise is still super important. A daily walk is so good for your dogs mental and physical health (and ours). Wrap up on walks and think high visibility collars, leads or coats if you are walking in the dark. Think about enrichment toys that tire your pets out mentally indoors if the weather is too bad.

Remember to enjoy what Winter offers, it is beautiful!

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