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February 15, 2021


Watching your pets furry face light up when they know a treat is on it's way is absolute gold! It's even better when we give treats that contribute to their health as well as their wellbeing. No chemical nasties, minimally processed, sustainable and nutritious.
Here's a "taste" of some excellent examples we have in store - all NZ sourced. 
SALMON ROE - freeze dried salmon eggs.
Antioxident rich, anti-inflamatory, nutrients are super bioavailable 
Filled with B vitamins - vital for cellular function.
High in DHA - the ultimate fatty acid for brain nutrition. 
Copper -required to balance Zinc in the diet
Selenium - critical for motor performance
Choline -a precursor of various metabolic reactions
GREEN LIPPED MUSSELS - freeze dried or air dried.
Antioxident rich
Full of Omega 3 fatty acids -skin , coat and brain health.
Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin - joint health
Excellent source of Taurine - An essential amino acid
A healthy amount of iodine -sometimes lacking in a raw fed diet
Also high protein , and a good source of selenium and iron.
HEART - air dried.
Nutrient dense 
Amino acids including that essential Taurine
Rich in nearly all of the B Vitamins
Our venison heart is an absolute favourite with dogs or cats!
LUNG -air dried. 
A softer lighter treat 
High in protein 
Rich in Iron
An important source of B vitamins,Potassium and zinc.
LIVER - Air dried. 
Nutrient dense
High in Vit A  and B vitamins, Iron, Zinc, Vit D, Copper, Folate, Phosphorus, Choline, Vit K and more!
But use Liver sparingly, it's very rich and can cause digestive upset if fed in quantity. Because its so palatable we call it an "A grade" treat, perfect for those super special training tasks like recall.
We can't forget good old venison tendons and straps for a longer chew, or rabbit and hare ears for a bit of fibre and mental enrichment, dogs act like they have hit the jackpot when offered one of these!
So ditch the processed products and keep it simple with one ingredient wonders!

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