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Collars and Harnesses

December 18, 2021

Collars and Harnesses

A collar is not only an easy way to attach visual ID to your dog, but is there to keep your dog secure and under control while out walking.
A traditional flat collar with good quality fittings is a great choice. Choose a strong, lightweight material that dries quickly - not too narrow as these can be a little harsh.
When fitting make sure you can get two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck. A collar that is too loose is easily slipped, loose collars can also become a danger when dogs are roughhousing with each other.
A cat's collar should be not so loose that it can get things stuck in it (a foreleg being a very real  possibility) yet if they were to get hooked up on something such as a branch or fence there should be enough room to slip out of the collar. A quick release buckle or elasticated strip is absolutely essential on a cat collar.
Harnesses are a great option for walking. They take the pressure off the neck, lessening the risk of tracheal damage, this is especially important for small and brachycephalic breeds.
A harness should allow full movement of the shoulders. Sadly many harnesses restrict correct motion, which is not only uncomfortable for your dog, but is structurally detrimental to them in the long term.
A harness should be well made with robust fittings. Avoid abrasive materials and check that the buckles do not press or rub. It needs to be snug enough to avoid slipping but loose enough to prevent irritation.
A harness is not going to stop a dog from pulling. This is a training issue, easily sorted with a few tips from a dog trainer.
Cats are best introduced to a harness as kittens. An adult cat can be very resistant to harness training- Walking a cat is a whole different ball game, as we know cats do what they want !
Feel free to pop down and check out our range - bring your dog, as dogs come in all shapes and sizes it's always a good idea to try before you buy when it comes to a harness.

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