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ZIWI Peak Freeze-Dried Goat Dog Food Booster Gut & Immune

0.114 kg

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Gently crafted with nature's functional superfoods to support your dog's digestive and immune health.
Featuring free-range goat, nourishing goat milk, live probiotics, and hand-harvested botanicals, including chicory root.
Easy to serve, no need to thaw or rehydrate. Simply add to your dog’s everyday meal for a daily boost of functional superfoods.
Nature's delicious solution to digestive and immune health.

Key Benefits:
Goat, goat milk and bone broth provide nourishing sources of protein, minerals and antioxidant nutrients Vitamin A and selenium to support immune health.
Mackerel wild-caught and whole is a rich source of omega 3 to support overall wellness including brain health.
Organic kiwifruit are orchard grown in New Zealand's sunny Bay of Plenty. A wholesome source of fibre to support your dogs digestive health.
A healthy microbiome is essential for dogs to thrive. Live probiotics support your dog's overall health and wellness.