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Worlds Best Cat Litter - Scented Multiple

Unlike clay litter, World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn into concentrated granules that trap odour deep inside and form tight clumps on contact, so you can do more with less litter.

Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping

Made with 100% all-natural lavender oil, this formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented. The blend does not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients and is derived from a plant-based oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the oil or fragrance hurt my pet if ingested?
No. The level of oil/fragrance is extremely low, just enough to keep your room smelling fresh, but not enough to cause any harm to your pets. As with any litter, if your pet shows an adverse reaction or begins to eat the litter repeatedly, please discontinue use immediately.

What are the products in the Original Series made of?

All of the products in the Original Series are made from whole-kernel corn that is grown in the U.S.

Are the Original Series formulas flushable?

Yes. All World’s Best Cat Litter™ products have been tested and proven flushable and septic safe, so you can skip the trip to the trash! Only flushable in small amounts.

How does whole-kernel corn cat litter differ from clay litters?

World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented process to compress corn into concentrated granules, delivering outstanding odour control and a cleaner litter box with less hassle and less litter. Unlike clay litter, World’s Best Cat Litter™ doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom of the box, so there’s no more chiselling and scraping. Our litter is lightweight and long lasting, with no silica dust. It’s made from sustainably grown corn (not mined or drilled like clay litter), with no added chemicals, so it’s pet, people and planet friendly. And, World’s Best Cat Litter™ is tested and proven flushable* and septic safe, so you can scoop and flush without worrying about clogging the pipes!