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Washbar Gentle Soap 80g

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The Gentle Bar is 100% natural. Every ingredient is carefully chosen to gently soothe and nourish without irritation. Manuka and lavender oils are sourced locally to ensure the highest quality.

These solid WashBars are just so much easier than liquid shampoo! Washing a dog with a bar gives you a free hand to hold your dog, there are no spills and you don't have to work against gravity to wash their tummy and legs.
Simply wet the dog, rub the bar over their fur, massage and rinse - no more messy bath times!

The cardboard packaging means there is one less bottle in the world. Plus each bar is the equivalent of 450mL of liquid shampoo so they are super economical.

Key Benefits:
Crafted to be as gentle & mild as possible
Perfect for sensitive skin & ideals for puppies
Soothes & nourishes without irritation