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Purely Pets Veal Bones 3kg

3.0 kg

Why feed bones you might ask? Glucosamine and Chondroitin along with Collagen are naturally present in bones, so there is less need to feed supplements to your pets when you are feeding them bones. The chewing action of eating the bones will not only exercise jaw, neck and shoulder muscles but it will also clean the teeth and gums, resulting in optimal oral hygiene.

 A raw meaty bone can help those with allergies due to the live enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals along with the added vitamins and minerals.

Our veal bones are soft enough to be eaten entirely, yet hard enough to clean the teeth and gums. These veal bones collapse around the teeth and gums as they are chewed, cleaning the entire surface of the tooth as it does so.

Purely Pets Veal Bones are simply 100% New Zealand free range veal. We encourage feeding size-appropriate bones, and our Veal Bones are ideal for dogs over about 6kg.

 Dental health is very important - when you source bones for your pets, make sure you choose a bone that is the right size and actually allows the animal to cruch and chew it. I.e. you don't want something so small that the pet can simply swallow it whole, and you don't want something too big that the pet can't chew it.

 Veal Bones have a soft honey-comb structure, meaning they collapse around each tooth as they are crunched and chewed, helping to scrape tartar from the teeth. These bones are designed to be eaten entirely.

 Our Veal Bones are very meaty, so as well as dental benefits your pet will also be enjoying a tasty meal. Veal meat is high in B vitamins for brain development and overall health.

 As with all of our products these bones are 100% preservative-free and grain-free.

 Feed bones raw; never cook them.

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