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Tu Meke Friend Kitten Milk Replacer Powder 45x5.5g Sachets

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A premium, delicious start for your kitten.

Give your kitten a purr-fect start. Our pure, natural New Zealand milk replacer powder, with Taurine for good vision and a healthy heart, means one happy kitten.

Tu Meke Friend Kitten Milk Replacer is a formulated nutritional supplement for when the mother does not produce enough milk or as the sole feed with orphaned kittens. When possible, all kittens should be fed their mother’s milk for at least 2 days.

Key Benefits:
We use 100% whole fresh milk
The milk is produced from A2 cows only, and contains < 1% of beta-casein A1 variant
Sourcing from organic certified products
Reduced lactose for better digestion
Added probiotic to help and support gut health
Added Omega-3 DHA to support for joints, brain health and shiny coats
Easy single served sachet packaging