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Trixie Protective Inflatable E Collar

This inflatable collar helps to stop your dog from bothering, licking and biting their wounds or skin irritation on their head, chest and back.

It is a more comfortable alternative to the traditional hard plastic cone of shame. As this inflatable collar does not catch and knock against walls, doors and objects, and when your dog is wearing this they are still able to see, drink, eat and play as normal.

This inflatable collar is super easy to fit with a velcro fastening that fits the collar securely to your dog's everyday collar to prevent it moving or slipping off.

Key Benefits:
Lightweight inflatable collar that fits comfortably like a neck pillow 
Won't scratch your walls or furniture
A great alternative to a traditional cone/e collar
Your dog can eat, drink sniff and play without restrictions
Loop to secure to the collar of your pet to make it more secure
Protects head, chest and back area 

Size Guide:

Small                   24 - 31cm
Small/Medium    32 - 40cm
Medium              40 - 45cm
Medium/Large    45 - 57cm