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Trixie De-Matting Comb Dog

 For easy de-matting and carding

• Curly Hair - Soft, curly, is sheared regularly eg poodle, bichon frise

 • Long Hair/Silky Hair/Longhaired Cats - Medium-long up to long, silky or thick top hair either with fine or with soft, thick undercoat eg Collie, golden retriever, bernese mountain dog, border collie, yorkshire terrier, setter, longhair dachshund, spaniel, maltese (Cats: Maine coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian)

• Shaggy Hair - Top hair and undercoat long, lush and shaggy eg Bobtail, Briard, Tibetan Terrier, Bearded Collie

• 4.5cm comb