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Tagiwig Homeopathic Remedy Uri-Tone 25ml

For Urinary tract infections (UTI), cystitis in cats and dogs. Uri-tone is a homeopathic blend 
designed to support the immune response of the cat or dog that is suffering from recurring 
urinary tract infections, cystitis, crystal build up, bladder inflammation and pain. 
UTI's are becoming more common in our pets today, especially in cats and is quite often referred 
to Feline Urinary Tract Infections. Too much dry food, stress and environmental issues can add 
to the likelihood of your cat or dog getting an UTI. 
This remedy is good for helping animals that get their first UTI or suffer from recurring UTI's. If 
your pet currently has a UTI, they will need to be checked by a vet, as this can be a live 
threatening illness. You can safely give this remedy to your animals when they have an 
UTI and are on veterinary medication and also when they have recovered and are not showing 
signs of a UTI, this will promote healthy bladder function and reduce episodes. 
Homeopathic ingredients: Calc r, Cann, canth, Equis, Hydrastis, Sars, Staph, Tereb, Thlas 
Dosage: 4 drops twice daily for a minimum of 2 weeks. 
How long a bottle will last: (based on the above dosage as 1 course) 
Cats and Dogs : 3.35 courses per bottle