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Tagiwig Homeopathic Remedy Drama Queen 25ml

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A natural remedy for anxiety and stress in cats and dogs. Drama Queen is a homeopathic blend 
designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from minor 
emotional upset, anxiety and stressful behaviour. 
Drama Queen by Natural Pet is great at helping to settle an animal that finds themselves in a 
stressful situation i.e. going to kennels, catteries or the groomers. It is great for any animal that 
has become unbalanced on a mental emotional level, whether that is due to stress, anxiety, a 
frightening event or any form of upset that causes the animals to become - restless, hysterical, 
scared, jumpy and fretful. 
Hyperactivity in a cat or dog. Separation anxiety can be felt by both dogs and cats and is also 
another form of stress that your pet may feel when you go out. 
Over grooming is a sign of anxiety or stress in cats. They can lick and groom so much they end 
up with bald spots, often mistaken for skin allergy. 
Homeopathic ingredients: Aconite, Arsenicum, Asafoetida, Asarum, Ignatia, Kali phos, 
Dosage: 4 drops into mouth, food or water every 1/2 hour for 4 doses. Can be given 2-3 times 
daily longer term. 
How long a bottle will last: (based on the above dosage as 1 course) Cats and Dogs: 23 
courses per bottle