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Rogz Lead Fancy Dress L 1.4m


The Rogz Classic lead combines simplicity and functionality which makes Rogz Leads a popular choice. A wide range of cool graphic ribbons are stitched onto high grade webbing, ensuring your dog sports the latest and greatest and zinc snap hook which is rust resistant, this lead will last.

All Rogz products undergo stringent testing for Mechanical and Physical Strengths and Colourfastness so you can be rest assured of your dogs safety.

FUNCTION: CLASSIC LEAD • Every day use • Training • Night-time Visibility – Safety ACTIVITY • Walk • Run • Exploring

Sizes: Small: 1.8m, 11mm Medium: 1.4m, 16mm Large: 1.4m, 20mm Extra Large: 1.2m, 25mm

Turquoise Paw
Purple Forest
Pink Paw

Type: Collars / Leads

Vendor: Rogz