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Puppia Bonnie Harness

Summer-Ready in NEW bright sweet fun citrus-colours the Bonnie Harness
Fully-adjustable Harness with metallic 'D' ring for lead
Soft and comfortable
Micro-dot design on summer fresh colour to brighten up your walks and add a happy vibe wherever your pup goes.
Adjustable chest strap to fit perfectly with sturdy clip closure
Available in 2 colours Orange or Spring Green
Matching co-ordinating lead available to complete the look.

Designed with comfortable neck and chest padding, the Puppia Harness is the most comfortable solution for dogs. The harness gives the walker extra control and ensures that the dog is comfortable by removing pressure from the trachea. Unlike when using a collar or strap harness there is no strain on the neck. The harness sits slightly lower on the dog than a collar so that it is more around the shoulders.