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Olives Kitchen Puppy Mud Healing Clay 150g

Puppy Mud - Medicinal Healing Clay

A natural detox + antibacterial healing agent for dogs

In nature many animals are drawn to clay, especially in the form of mud. Whenever they are wounded, animals instinctively lick the mud and roll in it to obtain relief. They also tend to ingest it if they have recently ingested a toxic substance.

Olive’s Kitchen Puppy Mud contains Sodium Bentonite Clay - an ancient and trusted healing remedy that has been used for generations, both topically and orally.  The clay’s super absorbent and antibacterial qualities are what make it such a powerful healing agent.  

Puppy Mud is helpful for:

Leaky gut syndrome
GIT Ulcers
Irritable Bowel Disease

To assist in the treatment of dog skin-related issues such as itching and “hot spots”, eczema, wounds, burns or stubborn bacterial or fungal skin infections, we also recommend Pet Putty, a topical Sodium Bentonite Clay product.

High Quality Ingredients

Puppy Mud is a unique food grade sodium bentonite clay, mined from one of the purest sources in the world. It is not heated, leached or altered in the extraction process. It is finely milled and carries one of the highest cation exchange capacities available in a clay.

Directions for use:

Put 1/2 cup of warm water into a recycled jar with lid and sprinkle 20 gm of clay powder on top.
Mix in as best you can and leave sit for 30 mins, this should result in a thick paste, that can be mixed into food.
Add 1/2 teaspoon daily to food.
The paste is tasteless and palatable for dogs and cats. 
NOTE: If this preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated, seek veterinary advice. 


We recommend storage in a cool, dry place to help preserve its shelf life