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Nutrience CARE Oral Health Cat Food 1.5KG

1.5 kg

Nutrience Care® Oral Health is formulated using Denta Crunch™ technology: An oversized kibble, made with a unique blend of insoluble fibers, designed to encourage your dog to chew thoroughly. This mechanical action will help clean your dog’s teeth, maintain good oral hygiene and fight plaque and tarter build-up. In addition to caring for your dog’s special needs, we’ve taken great strides to ensure their care is delivered in the form of a high-quality, gluten-free diet, made of healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Product Benefits
Fights Plaque & Tartar:
Denta Crunch™ technology is designed to help mechanically clean teeth and fight plaque & tartar and oversized kibble prolongs chewing.

Brushing Effect: Unique blend of insoluble fiber creates a “brushing” effect as your dog chews to help clean it’s teeth.

Freshens Breath: Helps freshen breath and controls halitosis.

The importance of a good digestive system and healthy gut flora cannot be over stated when it comes to proper nutrient absorption.

Digestiboost is a cold formed, air-dried digestive aid, rich in soluble, insoluble & prebiotic fibers, organic acids, and gut-soothing ingredients, including, but not limited to pumpkin, chia, flax & ginger.

Extra Large Kibble

Oversized kibble prolongs chewing time

Brushing Effect

Unique blend of insoluble fiber creates a “brushing” effect as your dog chews to help clean its teeth.

Stay Clean(STAY-C® 50)

Is a specialized Vitamin C molecule that helps fight periodontal issues at the source by attacking oral bacteria that can contribute to plaque accumulation and bad breath

Freshens Breath

Helps freshen breath & controls halitosis