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Mighty Mix Dog Nourish Biscuits 1kg

1.0 kg

The Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuits have the highest concentration of natural nutritious ingredients of our range with extra micro-nutrients. Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuits are ideal for small dog breeds, dogs who are having trouble maintaining optimum condition, recovering from illness or surgery, pregnant or lactating dogs, elderly dogs and puppies.

The recipe includes honey, apple cider vinegar and kelp, all-natural ingredients to enhance the general well-being of all dogs.

The Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuit is ideal for Puppies.

If you’re getting a puppy, this is the dog biscuit for you. We recommend our Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuit for feeding puppies. For optimum care, we recommend feeding puppies a well-balanced combined soft and dry food diet by either feeding Mighty Mix Dog Roll or Mighty Mix Frozen Concentrate combined with the Mighty Mix Nourish Dog Biscuit.


Wholegrain cereal, meat by-products and fats from beef and mutton, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, apple cider vinegar.

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