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LickiMat OH Bowl Cat


The OH Bowl™

The OH Bowl™ for cats is a Vet Developed cat feed bowl. 

The Oh Bowl has been developed by a veterinarian seeking a solution to some of the annoying issues that pet parents face daily.

The Oh Bowl for cats has fine rubber teeth that are designed to encourage licking after every meal by trapping food particles. 

Any fur on the tongue should be lifted and trapped onto the bowl’s teeth before the cat can ingest it. With daily use this could help reduce or prevent hairballs developing. 

A welcome solution for any cat owner.

The OH Bowl has also been designed to help calm your cat while you are not at home. The action of licking is soothing for cats.

The OH Bowl may also help with your kitty cats dental health. The rubber teeth traps bacteria which can cause bad breath and dental disease.

Benefits of the OH Bowl ™: 

Removal of loose hair from cat’s tongue.

Reduces the amount of fur ingested leading to hairball production.

Cleans and removes odour-causing bacteria which fights bad breath.

Removes disease causing bacteria leading to healthier teeth and gums.


Suitable for all up to 1 cup/ 250ml serve of dry or wet food

Diameter 13.5cm/ 5½” Base 15cm/6“

Made from food grade PP and TPR rubber. 

Dishwasher safe

How to use:

To encourage extra licking and getting more food to stick to the tongue cleaning zone, try adding a few drops of water or tasty liquid to the bowl before putting in food



Type: bowls

Vendor: LickiMat