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LickiMat Kitty

Introducing LickiMat Kitty – revolutionizing feeding time for your feline friend! Mimicking their predatory instincts, these mats engage cats in natural feeding behaviour, reducing stress and boredom.

Designed to promote slow feeding and pleasurable licking, LickiMat soothes your cat while releasing endorphins. It's perfect for anxious moments like vet visits or thunderstorms.

Serve up a variety of healthy treats, and watch your cat enjoy the challenge of licking them from the textured surface. This not only prolongs their enjoyment but also promotes better digestion and fresher breath.

Available in Kitty for kittens and small cats, and Catster for adults, these mats offer a fun and interactive feeding experience for your furry companion.

Upgrade your cat's mealtime routine with LickiMat – the ultimate feeding solution for happy and healthy cats! made from non-toxic food grade TPR
10 x 10 cm/ 4′′ x 4′′
suitable for kittens and small cats (supervise pet for first few uses)
freezer safe
microwave friendly
hand washable
no BPA, no PVC, no Silicone, no Phthalates