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Kong Extreme Dog Toy


Find your powerful chewer’s match with Kong Extreme and watch them chew their new favorite toy!

The Kong Extreme dog toy is a multi-purpose toy for dogs made of natural black rubber. It’s ultra-resistant, which makes it ideal for dogs with very aggressive chewing skills. 

The Kong Extreme dog toy is a mentally stimulating toy due to its irregular shape and erratic jump that will challenge your dog. It also helps satisfy your dog’s natural instincts, as well as their daily exercise requirements. The shape and texture of Kong Extreme also help to clean teeth and gum, promoting your best friend’s oral health and hygiene. And if you want to extend playtime and keep your doggo entertained for a long time, you can stuff this black Kong toy with tasty treats and snacks.

Medium - 8.5cm (suitable for dogs 7kg - 16kg)

Large - 10.5cm (suitable for dogs 13kg - 30kg)

X-Large - 12.5cm (suitable for dogs 27kg - 41kg)


Type: Toys

Vendor: Kong