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Flexi New Neon Retractable Lead M Tape 5 m

The unique advantage of the flexi leash is that it the natural motion and drive to explore the dog's space, without limiting the safe control of the dog. Especially where a free running the dog prohibited or inappropriate, making the flexi leash running the dog to a mutual harmony experience that millions of dog owners do not want to miss more than 90 countries around the world.

The flexi leash is always under a slight tension. This allows the dog to stop at any time by pressing the brake button to control him and get him safely through arm movements and operate the brake button toward you. If the dog walk at heel, the flexi be locked by pressing the corresponding period stop function. 

Key Features:

You control the length of the lead, long for the park, short for beside the road.

Strong locking mechanism that ensures the length you set the lead to is the length it stays at.

Comfortable handle.

Comfortable braking system

High quality workmanship

Sturdy tape in bright neon colour

Highly reflective side panels

Can be customised with the Flexi Multi Box

Suitable for dogs up to 25KG

Product weighs 300G approx