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Colloidal Silver Pet Ear, Eye, Mouth Spray 100ml

A very useful 100ml spray bottle filled with Colloidal Silver Liquid that can be sprayed into your pet’s ears to help with ear infections, into your pet’s eyes or in their mouth to help kill any type of infection and impurities.

Colloidal Silver helps to clear up all types of infection like magic.

Simply spray onto the affected area several times a day and allowing it to air dry. Colloidal Silver can be sprayed onto your pet up to 3-4 times daily

Colloidal Silver Liquid can also be sprayed on, or mixed into their food, as well as added to drinking water. A good idea is to put a separate bowl of straight Colloidal Silver Liquid next to their drinking bowl, you will find that if your pet is not feeling well, they will automatically gravitate towards the Colloidal Silver bowl.

Ingredients by weight:

Colloidal Silver liquid 98%

Gelling inert polymer powder 1.5%

Solution (Triethanolamine) 0.5%