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Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowl

Ceramic Tilted Elevated Cat Bowls make it easier for your cat to swallow it's food, promote digestion and prevent strain in the neck. Not only are our bowls stylish, and fit well in any home decor setting, the bowls are ergonomically designed and feature a 15-degree tilt, which protects the pet's cervical spine, making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet each and every time.

Made from high-quality Ceramic Porcelain, which is Pet-Safe and FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free, anti-bacterial, as well as durable, long lasting, light-weight, and heat-resistant when washing. 

Elevated feeders are perfect for pets with arthritis, neck or back problems. This can also assist with digestion in dogs and cats who struggle to eat at ground level. Especially for those fast eaters.