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Black Hawk Chicken &Salmon Cat Wet Food 80g

Specially formulated for mature cats, aged 7+ years.

Mature cats need a diet with moderate calorie content and a higher proportion of easily digestible proteins to help support their gut health.

This wet cat food contains highly digestible ingredients including those that fulfil your mature cat’s need for meat proteins while also supporting their gastro-intestinal health. The blend of high quality ingredients, in a tasty jelly, delivers a distinct aroma and texture, and the full complement of nutrients supports the immune system and metabolism.

With moderate calories, perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of the older cat, ingredients such as emu oil, pumpkin, coconut, blueberries and kelp contribute to a highly palatable food that your cat will love while fulfilling their specific nutritional needs.

It also delivers the most important nutrient – water. Given that cats have a low thirst drive, wet cat foods assist in maintaining hydration, promoting urinary health and everyday health of your cat.

This is complete and balanced nutrition, fulfilling all your cat’s needs as the only food you need to feed, or to mix with Black Hawk dry cat food.

Suitable for adult cats aged 7 years or more.

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