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Best M8 Himalayan K9 Chew

Himalayan K9 Chew which are the perfect treat or snack that provides hours of chewing time for your Bestmate. These cheese sticks contain 66% protein, are gluten free with no artificial colours or preservatives, great for your canines dental care and made from 99.9% milk. A great rawhide alternative for a more healthier option. Dogs go CRAZY for these delicious cheese sticks!

BestM8 Himalayan K9 Chew is a natural dog treat based on an original ancient recipe from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Handcrafted using a traditional cheese making process, this hard cheese chew is a true dogs delight. A healthy snack with an irresistible taste.

Key Benefits:
100% Gluten Free
Great for dental care
High in protein and calcium
Natural rawhide alternative
Long lasting snack
Natural milk product
For dogs over 16 weeks old.

Small suitable for dogs under 7kg, Medium suitable for dogs 7-15kg, Large suitable for dogs 15-25kg Extra Large suitable for dogs 25kg+

When choosing a BestM8 Himalayan K9Chew please ensure it is the right size for your dog. DO NOT choose a larger chew for a smaller dog as this could be too hard for their teeth.