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Alfa Pet Deer Antler Extra Large 1 Piece

Alfa Pet

Deer Antler is 100% natural; it contains important minerals and vitamins and has absolutely no additives or preservatives. To preserve its nutritional goodness, the product is dehydrated instead of oven baked.

Like all ALFA Pet products, Deer Antler is digestible and all ingredients are of human consumption grade. There are also very few calories, so it is safe for dogs needing weight control.

Deer Antler is clean and free from unpleasant odours. It is also good for your dog’s teeth and very long-lasting. Because it doesn’t splinter, Deer Antler is much safer than bones.

About deer antlers

In nature, a stag’s antlers are cast off naturally during winter. Domesticated deer, though, have their antlers removed for their velvet and to minimize the danger aggressive stags pose during mating season.

So, if your dog is a serious chewer, treat them to a longer-lasting chew that’s packed with goodness.

Weight: 220g


Type: Treats

Vendor: Alfa Pet