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Pet One Grooming - Slicker Brush

Pet One

Keep your pampered pets looking neatly groomed and looking fabulous with Pet One’s carefully selected high quality premium grooming tools.

Pet One offers a selective range of brushes, combs and other grooming items for all creatures great and small, and with regular grooming, it will keep your pet happy, healthy and looking great.

With our comprehensive range, you will be sure to find the right grooming tool for your beloved pets.


Features & Benefits:

* Carefully designed comfortable soft feel grip handle with hygienic metal pins

* Helps remove matted and tangled fur from ALL coat types

* Removes dead fine hair from undercoat and the coarser outer coat

* Creates shiny smooth finish

* Helps distribute natural oils throughout coat


NOTE: avoid using around face and ears


Type: Grooming Aids

Vendor: Pet One