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Ziwi Good Dogs Rewards Venison Recpie 85g

Ziwi Peak

0.085 kg

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Our Ziwi Venison Good Dog Rewards are made from over 98% premium New Zealand Venison meat, organs, bone and NZ Green Mussels. The ingredients in Ziwi Good Dog Rewards are 100% sourced from New Zealand grass fed, free range, ethical farms. They are a complete and balanced nutritious Training Reward suitable for rewarding all dog breeds, at all life stages. Ziwi Good Dog Rewards are hand crafted in small  batches every day in our Mt Maunganui factory using fresh meat, bone and seafood to mirror a whole-prey, nutrient dense diet that promotes good health and rewards good dog behaviour. Our slow, gentle, twin stage air-drying process  crafts a range of Rewards that are safe and hygienic eliminating the need for preservatives. We include New Zealand Green Mussel in all of our recipes to support healthy joint development and mobility.

They are a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 & 6 oils. It also works wonders for a healthy skin and coat. Green Tripe is included in all recipes for improved taste and digestion. We do not use any grains, fillers, sugars or glycerins; there are no antibiotics or growth promotants. The product is GMO free.

Ziwi Good Dog Rewards are recommended by top international dog trainer, Ian Dunbar.

Type: Treats

Vendor: Ziwi Peak