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Tuft Big Buddy Large Snuffle Mat


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TUFT FORAGER MAT BIG BUDDY LARGE is a nosework mat or snuffle mat.

Mat measures 61x 41 cm base with a 5cm allowance for tufts.

Durable rough rubber base. Handweaved tufts of quality cotton fleece.

Encourages your pet to forage and snuffle for food+foraging and finding releases digestive enzymes+mental and physical stimulation.

*15 minutes snuffling = 1 hr physical exercise calorie burning!

*nose works stimulates the brain

*Boredom buster

*great for recovering from illness+slows down a fast feeder

*great training aid

*machine washable - follow our instructions - place inside a laundry bag or pillow case and add two towels in with the cycle .

*easily hand washable  - instructions included

Type: Toys

Vendor: Tuft