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Pet Bakery Freeze Dried Lamb Dog 50g

pet bakery

In our dog‘s recipes, meat is used as the fundamental ingredient and is blended with a variety of natural nutrient essentials for dogs' daily growth. It includes animal meats and offal, wild caught ocean fish and New Zealand green mussels, which combines and form a feast that fits best with your dogs.

To use PETBAKERY NATURAL PET FOOD simply mix with your dog’s current diet for a daily nutrient boost.

That's also a good way to use PETBAKERY NATURAL PET FOOD as a treat for your dog.

Your dog will go crazy over the taste of PETBAKERY NATURAL PET FOOD.


New Zealand Grass-Fed

Ingredients: Lamb, Lamb heart, Mackerel, Lamb tripe, Lamb kidney, Lamb liver, Kelp Green mussel

Type: Treats

Vendor: pet bakery

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