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OmegaPlus King Salmon Oil 250ml


Salmon is a well-known superfood, and Omega Plus believe that the health benefits coming from King Salmon should be available to pets as well as humans.

Their King Salmon Oil, rich in natural omega-3, is a health supplement to support your pet’s diet. Omega-3 (with EPA and DHA) supports healthy skin and coat. So your pet will feel good and look great! Simply place it on your pet’s food, dry or wet, to give them a boost of omega-3.

Omega Plus King Salmon Oil is especially great for aging pets as omega-3 is known for aiding with joint mobility and cardiovascular function.

Omega Plus King Salmon Oil comes from the King salmon sustainably raised in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds.

Key Benefits:

High in marine based omega-3 and omega-6

Source of antioxidants

Intestine health

Skin and coat health

Joint mobility

Cardiovascular function

No GMO’s

New Zealand Made

No nasties

Type: Supplements

Vendor: omegaplus