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Meaty tendon bundle of 3

Happy Pets

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Happypet Meaty Tendons Dog Treats

Meaty Tendons will be your dog's all-time favourite. With the crunchy prime venison meat left on, these treats are in a league of their own for taste and smell. They are the perfect long-chew distraction for dogs who get anxious when left alone. Better still, they won’t splinter and are excellent for skin, joints and oral health.

Made from 100% natural venison 

A safe chew that wont splinter 

Great for dental health 

A good treat for pets that get anxious when left alone

A taste & smell that your pet will love! 

Provides a great source of natural and unprocessed nutrients

A good option for dogs with food sensitivities 

Type: Treats

Vendor: Happy Pets