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Raw Goat Milk 500ml

Natural Raw Pet Food express

Goats milk is packed full of natural probiotics and enzymes which helps to wipe out bad bacteria in your pet’s system and repopulate it with beneficial bacteria

It’s also packed full of …
Protein – builds healthy bones
Vitamins A & B

Raw goat milk can assist your sensitive dog in beating the symptoms of an underachieving digestive system.
Promoting good gut health + eye health & cell function
Is an Anti inflammatory super food

Can keep in freezer

Once defrosted and opened keep in fridge for one week

Pour some over their meal

 WARNING: Please refrain from feeding milk and milk supplements in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy of your pet.
Excessive calcium intake during pregnancy can suppress parathyroid hormone production and increases the risk of developing low blood calcium levels or pre- and post eclampsia.
It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian about interactions between medications your pets are taking and nutritional supplements.