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Doggy Bliss Balls 230g

Olive's Kitchen

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DOGGY BLISS BALLS are 100% natural, made in NZ and full of gut boosting nutrients - like turmeric, coconut and probiotics - all missing in action from most modern dog diets.


Date syrup, oats, chia seeds, carob powder, pumpkin seeds, DOGGY DAILY mix, peanut butter (xylitol-free), honey, coconut.

Serving Guide:

Recommended for dogs 6 months +

1x ball per day for dogs > 2.5kg

1/2 x ball per day for dogs < 2.5kg


Servings per package: 16

Serving size: 15g


More Reasons to love Doggy Bliss Balls

New Zealand made

100% Natural

Easy to serve

100% Safe





Type: Treats

Vendor: Olive's Kitchen