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Black Hawk Kitten Chicken & Peas Broth 85g

A delicious chicken wet food that has everything your kitten needs to grow into a healthy adult cat. This food is 100% complete and balanced so it can be used as a complete meal or added to dry food to supplement your kitten's diet. Made from only the top quality ingredients that are selected due to their highly digestible nature this food is gentle on your kitten's sensitive digestion. 

Key Benefits

100% natural kitten food with no grains, fillers or nasties. 
High meat content to provide all the essential amino acids & protein.
Made from top quality highly digestible ingredients. 
Contains glucosamine & chondroitin for healthy bones & joints. 
Emu oil is added for its benefit to skin & coat health. 
Easy to serve pouches are suited for sole or mixed feeding.
100% proudly made in Australia, dedicated to the good health and well being of your pets.