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Addiction Possum Brushtail Raw Dehydrated Dog Food 900g


0.9 kg

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This wholesome and nutritious combination of wild New Zealand brushtail, sunflower seeds, papayas, spinach and potatoes is our signature blend – dogs just can’t get enough of it tasty summery flavours! Inspired by the summers in New Zealand, this unique recipe uses over 45% brushtail: a wild marsupial of the possum family. New Zealanders have been giving brushtail to their dogs for years as it is a highly nutritious protein, rich in healthy Omega 3s & 6s and hypoallergenic. What’s more, dogs just love its gamey flavour, so we’ve blended it with sunflower seeds – which are packed with fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium – to make a food that tastes so wild and natural, your dog won’t be able to resist!


Key Benefits:

 rich in healthy Omega 3s & 6s


nutrient rich and has great taste

grain free

Made Specifically For: dogs for all life stages


Adjust feeding levels to your dog's individual needs. Nursing dogs may consume more than the recommended amounts per day. Keep fresh water available at all times.

Recommended Daily Feeding
(Before Rehydration)

Dog Size Dog Weight (kgs) Cups per day Grams per day
Small < 10kg 1/2 - 1 cup 65 - 130gms
Medium 10 - 20kg 1 - 2 cups 130 - 260gms
Large 20 - 40kg 2 - 4 cups 260 - 520gms
Giant 40kg > 4+ cups > 520gms

Type: Dehydrated

Vendor: Addiction