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What Are Enrichment Toys?

March 26, 2021

What Are Enrichment Toys?

These are toys that increase our pets physical and mental activity levels, as well as remind them of natural behaviours, leading to a happier, healthier pet.
Enrichment toys can alleviate boredom, reduce stress and anxiety and should be fun!

Here are a few of our favourite enrichment toys we have in store.
LickiMats -
These are patterned mats designed to trap soft food . Our pets have to work to get every last morsel. Licking releases endorphins that are calming and soothing. These also help slow down fast eaters .

Snuffle Mats-
Tasty treats are hidden amongst a mat of material fingers. This engages the nose - perhaps the most important sense our dogs have. Sniffing activates huge areas of the canine brain so it's no surprise that 15 minutes of snuffling is the equivalent of 1 hour of physical activity!

Holee Rollers-
Geometric rubber balls with holes . These are fun just as a throw toy but you can also stuff them full of material strips with hidden treats. Your dog has to pull the strips out to access the goodies . A perfect problem solving game.

Gumz Balls -
A tough hollow ball that treats can be hidden in. Your pets (yes cats too) have to nudge and roll for the treats to fall out at random. Lots of fun and encourages exercise at the same time .

Remember supervise your pets when you offer any these toys and they are not meant to replace physical activity but are there to enrich your pets daily lives.

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