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Treat Time

August 25, 2021

Treat Time

We all love to give our pets a treat, so let's make sure that it's nutritious and safe.

Always remember to read the ingredients, make sure there are no additives, chemical nasties or suspect coatings - as with human foods, the simple treats are often the best treats.

Try to buy NZ made products. We have some of the best food safety ratings in the world and it is always good to support local businesses. It's environmentally responsible too.

Buy free range, ethically raised and sustainably sourced product.

Feed appropriate amounts. After all, these still contain calories.

Feed what is right for your dog - a dog who gulps down food may not do well with a tendon, but may be safer with a longer lasting hoof for example.

Ears, tendons, tongue, lung, hooves - these all may sound a bit weird and a bit icky, but you are in fact getting some fantastic nutritional benefits for your pet and at the same time, we are honouring the animal by using all body parts.

Treats should never replace regular meals and shouldn't make up more than 10 % off the daily diet. Be sparing with liver as it very rich and best used as an A grade treat. Never feed dried bones nor rawhide which is a by product of the leather industry! Stay away from shark products and tuna based treats as these are in no way sustainable.

There are some questionable treats out there, but rest assured here at Pet Naturals, we only stock what we feel is safe for our own four legged family members.

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