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The Aging Pets

June 27, 2021

The Aging Pets

Time catches up with us all and sadly our pet's life spans are much shorter than ours, so when our furred family members start to age it can be quite a rapid progression. Take note of changes in appetite, thirst, bodily functions, sleeping patterns . Health checks are super important to monitor teeth, heart, kidneys, thyroid and any lumps and bumps etc.
Mobility issues, Osteoarthritis & loss of muscle mass​​ 
. Feed a high quality diet, preferably not a dried diet and no beef (inflammatory).
. Supplements such as Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Green lipped mussels, Omega Oils,
  and some Herbal supplements may help.
. Steps or ramps can help your pet still gain access to those favourite spots.
. Continue with gentle exercise, low impact activity at their pace.
. Non slip Rugs on slippery surfaces.
. Easy access bedding, Heat mats and a well fitted coat.
. Lower sided litter boxes.
. Regular nail trims, also important for older cats.
. Lickimats and puzzle toys can help keep them active and engaged without too much physical stress.
*Hearing and Sight Changes
. Nightlights.
. Keep the environment layout the same.
. Supervision especially around pools etc.
. Extra care around children.
*Cognitive Decline
. This may include anxiety, pacing, vocalising or disorientation - these can be difficult to remedy and a vet check is essential, to rule out anything else first .
. Herbal supplements may help
. Thundershirt
. Omega oils.
 Remember life is short, so live each day as it comes and love them unconditionally !

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