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Preparing For The Cooler Months

April 25, 2021

Preparing For The Cooler Months

With Autumn, the weather swings from hot to cold so boosting your pets natural immunity is a great way to help them cope with external change.

Top quality food is number ONE to support a healthy immune system, which improves skin integrity giving the foundation to grow a healthy thick coat - nature's original raincoat/jumper .

Some excellent supplements such as Bone broth, Moggy and Doggy daily, Tukkathyme Natures Mix and Blackmores Wellness and Vitality Chews are a great boost for the immune system.

Our dogs that have a thinner haircoat appreciate the extra layer that a well fitted coat provides and a warm fitted coat and a snug bed is an essential for our elderly pets, keeping their joints warm and mobile.

Added support for cold stiff joints (once again diet is key - more on that in a future blog) - try Silberhorn Green Lipped Mussel caps, Mighty Mix Concentrate, Kiwi Hemp seed oil , Bone broth or Blackmores Joint Health Chews and do try to include Omega rich meats like Salmon and Possum.

Tukkathyme herbal muesli with some warm bone broth is great after a chilly morning walk.

Now prepped and ready for the cooler months ahead, whatever the weather may bring.

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