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Fleas -Get them before they get you!!

August 21, 2020

Fleas -Get them before they get you!!

Start a regime before flea population becomes a problem .
Rather than using neurotoxic chemical flea controls we try to rely on a more natural approach to keeping these pesky critters at bay. Try these steps to boost your pets natural ability to resist fleas.
*A healthy animal is less prone to attack - naturally a real food diet is the first step to keep your pet in top condition!
*Flee Flea is a tasty supplement you sprinkle over their food, this works as a natural flea deterrent and contributes to healthy skin and coat - can be used for cats, dogs and even chooks !
*Using a flea comb daily is an excellent way to catch any fleas. Pay close attention to the area above the tail, behind the ears, along the flanks and the belly, all places fleas like to hang out. 
*Bathe your dog frequently using a good natural shampoo or soap like WashBar - choosing one  with neem oil, which is a known  herbal anti parasitic is ideal. A rich lather helps to kill fleas  so leave the shampoo on for a good five minutes and rinse well.
*Wash your pets bedding in hot water frequently and add a drop of Eucalyptus oil to the final rinse.
*Vacuum daily and empty the bag regularly in flea season especially underneath things, don't forget places like the car if your dog often travels with you .
*Diatomaceous Earth is a fossil shell flour that desiccates fleas on contact. It is fabulous to sprinkle in areas that your dog or cat  frequents indoors and outdoors
- remember 95% of the flea population exist in the environment as flea larvae, eggs and pupae, only 5% are on your pet!  Flea larvae like to hang out in dark spots so don't forget to treat under beds, couches etc .We do not recommend rubbing into the fur as it can be very drying to the skin. Make sure it is food grade and patch test.
Pet naturals stock everything that you need to help you win the battle against the pesky flea.

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