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Canine Etiquette

January 20, 2022

Canine Etiquette

Have a dog?
These are tips but really should be rules.
This really would make life so much easier! 
Do not assume that every dog is friendly, always ask an owner before engaging with their dog - this MUST be taught to children. 
If a dog is showing avoidance or stress signals (these can be as subtle as looking away, turning away, yawning, lip licking etc) do not continue to approach - It is a clear message to leave them alone. A dog will interact with you if and when he chooses to. Please leave out the "Oh dogs love me" you wouldn't run up to a stranger and give them a hug, so please offer our dogs the same respect.
As a dog owner, advocate for your dog, step in if needed. If play is getting too rough, interrupt and stop it before it gets out of hand - sometimes just one bad interaction with another dog can cause serious ongoing issues.
Be realistic about what your dog can or cannot cope with, for example if he is nervous or reactive with other dogs, a busy beach or park is not the best place for a walk. If he is nervous with strangers a simple "Please do not pat him (he is in training)" may be all that is needed to encourage confidence for future interactions.
If you do not have control over your dog ESPECIALLY no solid recall, do not let your dog off lead.
It is not ok for your dog to run up to children or the elderly. 
If you see a dog on leash, do not allow your dog to run up to it - this dog for some reason needs space and the owner is doing the most responsible thing by having it on leash. Once again "It's OK my dog is friendly" is often just an excuse for poor dog training (no recall). 
Know where your dog is at all times. 
Learn basic dog body language, if we understand them it makes communication so much simpler.
Always pick up after your dog, it is common courtesy.
Remember what is cute while a puppy may not be as they get bigger, so start as you mean to continue therefore avoiding future problems.
Put the effort in, train your dog. It takes patience and consistency but the benefits are huge! There are also some excellent dog trainers out there that make the whole process so much easier, and fun too. 
Get the whole family involved, so everyone is on the same page.
Dogs absolutely thrive with routine, boundaries and clear communication. 
Happy walking !

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